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Easter, April 23, 2000 was a gorgeous day at the Bird household in Santa Barbara. There were numerous celebrants, for it was also Skip's birthday and an outing for Grandma. The home was set up beautifully with the new furniture and table settings and snacks galore.


While multitudes fawned over Grandma, others were preparing the food. And a feast it was indeed!

The preparation continued until, finally, it was time to  sit down and partake of the vittles. As you can see, this was a pretty intense time for the clan. 

After the great meal, there came the desserts. As you can see below, they were great. Also shown are a magnificent triumvirate of Birds and a contemplative Skip wondering when in the hell they are going to stop with the candles already. Grandma apparently didn't care.

After pigging out on the desserts, things got a little quieter with Danielle perusing her MP3 music files, Joan & Skip relaxing on the couch, Grandma - STILL EATING???? and three beautiful ladies posing for the camera.

It's worth another look at those ladies.

Thanks to everyone for a great time. See ya'll next year.