Before Demolition Construction After Comparison



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Putting the pieces back together was a multi-faceted affair, consisting of :

Miscellaneous Items

Setting up living quarters elsewhere in the (48805 bytes)

Extending a gas line.
gasline.JPG (30876 bytes)

Installing Lights & Electrical

lightsc.JPG (85904 bytes)    electricalc.JPG (46558 bytes)

Repairing the drywall ripped out for the lights and electrical

drywallc1.JPG (82354 bytes)    drywallc2.JPG (43588 bytes)

Installing Cabinets (C didn't do this. Gooood choice!)

cabinetsc1.JPG (97919 bytes)

Installing Appliances

appliancesc1.JPG (94936 bytes)

Installing Granite Tile Counter Tops 

countertopsc1.JPG (40440 bytes)        countertopsc2.JPG (45270 bytes)        countertopsc3.JPG (104897 bytes)

Installing Ceramic Floor Tiles

floorc1.JPG (84404 bytes)

Finishing Touches

finishingup1.JPG (39209 bytes)